Innovation Horizons | Government Housing Management Program Solutions
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Innovation Horizons® supports the community needs of rental housing authorities through its customizable and integrated cloud platform Sheltio™.  Sheltio™ leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud services and PowerBI tools to enable efficient and accountable services to state and local agencies for management of housing stock, lotteries, clearinghouse activities for regulated compliance management, and waitlist functions. Sheltio™ supports integrated features with housing provider data systems and government data systems though APIs to offer seamless data transfer and transparency through reporting features, dashboards, and management tools to enhance Agency rental housing support. 



Business Process Expertise

Innovation Horizons brings experiential knowledge of regulatory and business process considerations amassed through hundreds of hours of analysis performed side-by-side with considerations amassed through hundreds of hours of analysis performed side-by-side with volume housing providers.




Technical Expertise

We specialize in configuring and/or customizing high-quality commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications utilizing the latest open source, cloud-based technology stack. With these tools, we provide best-in-class functionality to each of the many disparate stakeholder groups that participate in rental housing management programs (e.g., commercial developers, housing providers, tenants, regulators, policymakers, and the general public).




User-Centered Design Expertise

Innovation Horizons empowers each stakeholder group with intuitive, multi-purpose (mobile and desktop) interfaces that are flexible and efficient for the best possible user experience. Our fully customizable branding and design helps government agency customers to reinforce and enhance their connections to constituents.




Reporting Expertise

We harness the power of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to generate standardized and customized dashboards, both on a periodic and ad hoc basis. Our reporting tools communicate meaningful, actionable information of varying types, enabling each stakeholder group to focus on its specific needs. See the infographic for examples of informational queries.




Support Expertise

Innovation Horizons invests heavily in effective technical and call center support with industry-leading escalation processes and service-level metrics. While we design our interfaces to be intuitive, regulations, and business processes can be very complicated. Further, we understand that stakeholder groups may differ in familiarity with technology. Therefore, we carefully capture and document agency knowledge and processes so our support personnel can assist stakeholders at each step of their interaction. In doing so, we enable agency personnel to fully focus their time and efforts on mission-direct activities.