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Georgetown Health Care Innovators at Work!

Georgetown Health Care Innovators at Work!

We celebrate the determined and dedicated work of the Executive MHA students this week at @Georgetown University in the Business Innovations course. Their experience in this intensive course has led to a series of new concepts aimed at value creation in health care services.  We also acknowledge the participation of delegates from the University of Sao Paolo (Brasil) exchange program.

I once again had the honor of leading the course with an incredible team of entrepreneurs and innovators. Special thanks to @Eli MacLaren of the Business Innovation Factory for her leading the design thinking track.  We also acknowledge the great faculty presenters this week including patient insights from Kym Martin and perspectives on health information exchange from Ross Martin.   We were also inspired by a visit to Medstar Institute for Innovation led by Mark Smith.  We appreciate the leadership and business insights from Sajit Thomas of the American Red Cross and Shantanu Nundy of the Human Diagnosis Project.  Our value based care models discussions were led by Dawn Alley from CMMI/CMS, Erin Holve of the DC Government Department of Health Care Finance, Marshall Votta, and John Lock of Medstar.  We appreciate the insights on emerging strategies in pain management and opioid crisis management from Vanila Singh of the Assistant Secretary for Health, HHS.

The innovators from this executive MHA class have ideas and tools that offer concrete approaches toward redesigning a health care system based on patient needs, and higher value.  Congratulations to their collective work, and we offer our inspiration to them to pursuit their dreams.

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