Innovation Horizons | Amazon Launches Online Pharmacy
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Amazon Launches Online Pharmacy

Amazon Launches Online Pharmacy

Yesterday, Amazon announced the launch of its online pharmacy. Building on its acquisition of PillPack in 2018, Amazon is building its capacity to deliver medicine straight to every doorstep in America. Implications for the massive scaling of their front door deliveries of pharmaceuticals to patients, much like any other services Amazon provides, will have a profoundly disruptive effect on many aspects of retail pharmacy. While mail-order pharmacy services have been around for a long time, just try to imagine what Amazon’s service could mean in terms of scale. 

We need to be cognizant of what the implications are for such a massive distribution network and what consequences this will have for patients and others’ access to information. This launch will likely spark a lot of competition among retail pharmacy networks and has many implications for other aspects of healthcare and the corner pharmacy. 

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